What we do

Our Aim

The aim of the project is to:
a) Build a deterrent force against the menace of Child Trafficking.
b) By creating a shared social network of young volunteers that work against the menace of child trafficking and help locate, track and monitor kids who might be at high risk of being the victims of child trafficking.
c) And provide a means for such children to be connected back to their parents and real home.
The project is building largest lost and found database. The project also connects youth volunteers to collect information of missing children and tag their names and locations on a centralized data-base managed by SocioApps Foundation (SAF). The project matches all such entries with the list of the missing children inserted through the input form (missing children report) from various parts of India, especially the rural areas. The software then returns the closely matched profiles to give new hopes for such families. Also SAF will alert government agencies if any child is found doing labor work with proof in the form of anonymously taken photos by volunteer tagged with location.

How can you contribute

Download App

Download and install our app on your smartphone. While using app prefer keeping GPS on to help us get exact location of the photo. This location help us to track back the missing child/person if we get relevant information about his/her home. Submit the photo to our servers

Manual Image verification

Use your free time to help our computer matched photos to get filtered for manual verification. You can help us filter mismatched photo graphs and help us match Found child/person with lost child/person.

Donate to us

If you like our Idea you can donate to us either by following link of using other methods. click here to know more