An attempt to improve lost and found efficiency and efficacy.

Chakshu : "Help me way back"

Leveraging power of each national to help identify lost children (or people). Most of the lost children in India are forced /later ends up their life as roadside beggars. Idea is of developing a mobile app which helps you take photo of these beggars and submit the geo location & photo to our servers. You pay the beggar for the photograph if required. Our server will use high end image processing to match the photos of these beggars with the lost & found database of police stations (nationwide). Then respective guardians will be contacted to bring back the lost children to their true home. This may help each citizen to help these children to find their way back to home. This even applies to another stigma of society called as prostitution/ flesh trade, where children are forced for such nonsense. If we leverage the mass population with a tool to make an effort in identifying & locating such helpless children/people then we can make a better nation & can crib this dirty network of powerful people who all force these helpless transforms to beggars or trader them to kins. To add more to this we can help unidentified child to get adopted by needy couple where they can shape their bright future. People can sponsor these helpless child through a relevant NGO. This nationwide database of geo-located photos and lost people info can help us bring a ray of hope to their helpless lives.An attempt to connect lost or stolen unfortunates people back to their families and bringing a hope of better future prospects. Poverty is widely hit to uneducated people who are often falls pray of such incidents. After getting stolen they are left with less paid forced labour and hostile conditions, with no hope of tracking their way back to home. Chakshu is developed to stop human trafficking and forced labour (less paid or non-human) by bringing a ray of hope to the life of victims. Let's bring them back to their home with bright future and family love.see more at

Posted by Socio Apps on Wednesday, 9 October 2013

CHAKSHU app is a unique empowering tool for citizens, especially the young volunteers, to help children begging on streets or doing menial works on the road-side shops. The Socio Apps Foundation with the help of its volunteer network collects the child photos through the Chakshu website and post the same on Facebook Lost and Found page. Our unique software algorithm finds a close match using the uploaded photos on Lost data base and Found database. It also considers the recent trends in movements of children to ascertain the possible movements of missing children. And as soon as there is a match we send an alert to the family member, volunteer who posted the photo together with notification to the law enforcement agencies for quick action. In this one of its kind project, the project CHAKSHU is helping unfortunate kids to find their way back to their homes.
At the same time, for the unlucky ones, who still could not be matched, continuous monitoring of their activity and well-being is made sure through the location tracking. In this period the matching search from the database will also be continued.

SocioApp Foundation (SAF) continuously monitors the location of missing children through the regular photos (as there is no other way to track these children's on roads) and see if there is a specific trend or movement patterns. A SAF volunteer may be alerted to look after a certain child by showing his/her photo and location and path of recent movement to confirm any suspicious activity or threat to child.
The volunteer can use the application and further upload photos and videos in case of any suspicious activities or crime against such child. The evidence hence generated will enable SAF to mobilize a government supported rescue operation or through use of local SAF volunteers who join for a rescue alert service the project called SecureMe.