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ThinkMPI Consulting Private Limited

ThinkMPI is leader in carrying solutions and innovation consulting. Designed to meet the needs of industry across verticals, ThinkMPI products and services promote design simplicity while offering intuitive functionality and increased mobility for an enhanced user experience. ThinkMPI is driven by a passion for design and high quality craftsmanship and inspiration, ideation and implementation are the backbone of the ThinkMPI product development process.

SocioApps Foundation

SocioApps is a Non Profit Organisation focusing on developing technology, for enabling individuals to successfully contribute for good causes effectively. The vision of SocioApps Foundation is "Societal Wellness through Empowered Individuals". Our mission is to develop a self-sustainable system of integrated devices and volunteers to eliminate most pressing needs of society. The foundation will implement technologies in-order to empower a connected human network. Starting with pilot project will enable immediate emergency alert and rescue operation bringing self-made security, safety and community support system. The empowered system will pledge to eradicate violence against women, child abuse and human trafficking, sanitary and health-care coaching and education support for poor and unprivileged children as some examples. SocioApps Foundation hope to mobilise over 1 million Indian Youth (volunteers) through use of technology to join hands to build a healthy society worth emulating. Be a part of our family or contribute to us.

Key Members

Ashish Sharma

Designer by nature and hacker by skills, Ashish has worked over 10 years developing consumer electronic products for global markets. As a innovator and strategic thinker, Ashish brings wealth of ideas connected with business acumen to the team. He is also founder of Drishti Labs at National Institute of Technology, Surat that provides first hand coaching to young minds to help and shape them as innovators.

Renuka Rawat

Renuka brings with her a wealth of expertise in software development and Data Storage from Silicon Valley where she worked for a long time for building cutting edge tools for large clients at fortune 500 companies. She has a keen interest to what's trending in the global market. Also has vast experience in the education and service industry. On weekends enjoys volunteering for causes and works at local NGO to support education for poor children.

Manish Sharma

He's a business consultant, designer and innovator, who love to build new ventures that bring people together. One can find him mostly spending his time interrogating people, thinking and analyzing new product opportunities at the intersection of business, design and technology. He think in scenarios and road maps derived from his empathy towards people and people’s real need. An optimist at heart, he strongly believe in collaborative effort. He strive to be the best in diverse roles that He love to play as an anthropologist, creator, innovator, and hurdler. He live his life by the mantra: "Be positive, patient and persistent".